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Announcements for Trinity Sunday 2019

1. Thursday Morning, 20 June, there will be no Holy Communion Service.

2.A Day of Reflection with Rev Anne Skuse at St. Multose Hall, Kinsale on Saturday 22 June 11.00 am - 3.00 pm. Take time out to renew and refresh Bring your lunch – tea and coffee provided. This is an event which is open to anyone who would like to come; it is facilitated by Mothers’ Union in Cork, Cloyne and Ross.

3. Mothers’ Union Summer Outing is schedule to take place in June Wednesday 26th Visiting O’Keefe’s doll museum in Schull with tea and coffee and scones will be served there; travelling on to Wiseman’s Garden in Durrus, after that it’s lunch The Old Creamery Restaurant in Kilcrohane. Travelling the scenic route over the goat’s path into Bantry to do as you please. All visitors very welcome to come along with us, numbers defer the cost of our trip. Contact: Essie Shannon on 028 37143 or 087 9734430 or Maud Swanton on 028 38512 or 086 1507161.

Easter General Vestry – The Easter General Vestry was convened in the Ballydehob Parish Union on Tuesday April 9th at 8:30 pm, held in Saint Matthew Parish Hall in Aughadown. Officers were duly elected, and the first select vestry meeting for the new term of office was set for 21 May 2019 in Saint Matthew Parish Hall in Aughadown at 8:30 pm. Thank you to all outgoing officers of the parish and a very grateful and warm welcome to all the new coming officers. A very special thank you to Leslie Roycroft who has been serving at the People’s Church Warden at Saint Matthias in Ballydehob, and to Laura Levis, who has been serving as our Fair Share Treasurer for many years. May the Lord continue to bless our parochial activities and development.

Saint Matthias National School:  Saint Matthias National School is in the process of installing new playground equipment in the school yard. The equipment, which is on the side of a hill, has required careful consideration and creativity in constructing it; we are grateful that Mr. Charlie Harger has the patience and thoughtfulness to design and install the equipment in such a professional manner. We look forward to seeing the completed project in the near future. Saint Matthias National School is enrolling for the autumn term, and should you be interested in enrolling your child in Saint Matthias National School, please contact the school on 028 37500 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Reparis to the Organ in Saint Matthew’s: The organ at St Matthew’s was originally built by Bates of London in the early 19th Century for the old church building near the Illen River was relocated in the present parish church. Recently we have had to treat the keys against woodworm. Paidraig O’Donovan did a wonderful job in completing this task, and we had some of the keys repaired with the assistance of one of our own parishioners, Dermod O’Brien. The Organ is back and working beautifully thanks to the talents of Mr. Joe Polglase. Thank you to all those who made this a reality and may our singing continue to be enhanced by this beautiful instrument.

Ballydehob Union Parish Fete: We look forward to seeing you at the Ballydehob Union of Parishes Summer Fete on Wednesday the 7th of August in the Ballydehob Community Hall, beginning at 2:30pm. There will be a raffle with great prizes, the usual stalls and games, including the White Elephant, Country Produce, Book Stall, a bouncy castle, etc. In addition there will be teas and cakes served and fun for the whole family. Plan on joining in on the fun of the day, and we appreciate your support in preparing for and in donating toward this wonderful parish event.

We extend our thanks to Mrs. Annie O’Donovan, who joins alongside Mrs. Laura Levis for planning all the details of this year’s Summer Fete. With these two women working together it should prove to be a wonderful afternoon for all who attend.

Thank you to Mrs. Laura Levis who has provided many years of service in looking after the Ballydehob Fair Share account. Her kind and gentle spirit coupled with her ability to engage people in friendly conversation benefited the parish as she assisted the Ballydehob Union in paying its Fair Share toward diocesan ministry. Laura is very good in checking in on people with a congenial phone call, and her behind-the-scenes work has really benefited the Parish Union and woven many people into the parish community for years upon years. While Laura has not retired from all her duties within the parish, we will miss her in this capacity just the same. We welcome Mr. Dermod O’Brien, as he takes up the post of Fair Share Treasurer, and we hope that his own unique skills and his aptitude for detail and organizing will benefit him in his duties and the Ballydehob Union in supporting the diocesan Fair Share scheme.

Saint Anne’s Hospital in Skibbereen: The residents of St. Anne’s Hospital Skibbereen would appreciate visits from Volunteers for social interaction, to read or discuss the newspaper, play cards, play bingo, sing a song, play the piano, assist with outings or be innovative in doing something new. For further details, you are welcome to contact Ms Tara O’Donovan, Clinical Nurse Manager, on Tel. 028-38132.

Children's Services: Each first Sunday one service in the Ballydehob Union of parishes is especially aimed at Children. The service usually alternates between the two churches. In February it will be in Aughadown at Saint Matthew Church and in March, as we celebrate Mothering Sunday, we will look forward to seeing children in all of our services. You are warmly invited to attend any of these services. If you have any questions, please contact the rector at the telephone number above.

Cancer Connect is a brilliant initiative between West Cork Rural Transport and the hospitals in Cork City. A rare occasion of the left hand and the right hand actually working together. People who need radiotherapy have to receive a 10-minute treatment every day for 35 days. This radiotherapy can only be administered in The Regional Hospital in Cork, so a really tiresome daily trek is needed. The West Cork Rural Transport provide a daily mini-bus service from Goleen along the N71 to Cork which is free to any patient requiring this treatment. The really excellent part of this is that the Regional Hospital ensure that any patients from West Cork will receive their treatment between noon and 1pm.

A further service is now in place whereby patients requiring chemotherapy and other cancer treatments can avail of a private car and driver. The drivers of both services are volunteers, and so far more than 300 trips to Cork Hospitals have been provided. If you feel you can help with driving, once a month is all that is needed, please contact Helen on 027 52727. Or if you know of any patients who may find the service of use, please call Helen on 027 52727. The proceeds of the Pancake Day coffee morning were donated to this excellent service.

The Aughadown Church Hall If you know of anyone who is having a party, family gathering, wedding reception, children’s party, and are looking for a venue, please suggest the Church Hall at Church Cross. It comes with a well equipped kitchen; good parking; lots of space outside if you have youngsters wanting to run about and let off steam, and is very reasonable to hire.

The Aughadown Walking Group meets every Monday and Thursday at 10am at the GAA Community Hall at Church Cross. All are welcome to join the Group for a walk. The walk lasts about 40 minutes along local lanes, all of which are fairly flat and sheltered. It is not a route march, a race or over-strenuous, but an opportunity to get fit and socialise. There is no charge and for further information please call Brigid O’Brien on 38132.